Nevada marijuana store fined $45,000 after self-reporting sales error

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A Nevada cannabis retailer was fined $45,000 by state regulators after self-reporting that an employee sold more than the legal limit of marijuana.

Regulators initially considered fining the company $62,500 but walked back that amount after some discussion.

Nevada Organic Remedies, which owns and operates The Source marijuana retail stores, discovered that a budtender sold more than the legally allowable 1 ounce of cannabis to a customer in May 2021, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The company reported the error to the state’s Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) three days later.

According to Nevada Organic Remedies, a safeguard in the company’s sales system that would have flagged the sale had been disabled.

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CCB member Riana Durrett thought the proposed fine was too steep, saying she was in favor of a lower amount since the company self-reported the error.

However, Deputy Attorney General L. Kristopher Rath pointed out the amount of the proposed fine was so high because the company had a previous violation, the Review-Journal reported.

Ultimately, the compliance board unanimously approved Durrett’s proposal.