New York group chosen to draft bill that would regulate recreational marijuana market

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo appointed a task force to draft recreational marijuana legislation which, if eventually enacted, would position the state to have potentially one of the largest adult-use cannabis markets in the country.

A 20-member group consisting of New York state government and law enforcement officials, advocates and academics has been appointed to draft the legislation.

They are charged with coming up with recommendations for the state’s Legislature to consider in its upcoming session.

The group’s appointment comes three weeks after state officials issued a long-awaited report on the topic.

The state health department analysis concluded the benefits of legalizing recreational cannabis outweigh the risks.

The study estimated that a regulated industry could bring in between $248 million (7% tax rate) and $677 million (15% tax rate) in local and state tax revenue in its first year.

Cuomo, a Democrat, said the group will be led by his counsel, Alphonso David.

The group also includes Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker and the heads of several other state agencies, legal advocates and academics from the University at Albany, the University at Buffalo and New York University.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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5 comments on “New York group chosen to draft bill that would regulate recreational marijuana market
  1. DJF on

    As a NY resident, MMJ patient, and native NY’er I really need to see substantial forward movement on this, and also on the MMJ program as it stands today. How can we expect to sell leaf over the counter for adult-use without having that available to medical patients? And, if we do expect movement on legalization should we also expect those dispensaries who are in the MMJ program now to lower MMJ costs for patients substantially? Lot’s of work here folks, and NY has a habit of dragging it’s feet and not diving deeply enough into the subject matter to make a positive impact and put themselves in the shoes of the end users. Not trying to be a downer, I just know how Albany works. They need to look at this as being competitive in the market with VT, ME, NJ, and MA, not just as something they NEED to do to try and get re-elected.

  2. Jerome W Dewald on

    Cuomo is doing exactly the same thing here as he did with the medical program. He is against this and he’s selected a committee of opponents to help him write a bill that will be as restrictive as possible. Below is the list of the commissioners. Where are the industry advocates? These are mostly people who make their living on prohibition.

    David Holtgrave, PhD, Dean, School of Public Health, University at Albany
    R. Lorraine Collins, PhD, Associate Dean for Research, University at Buffalo
    Jeff Reynolds, PhD, CEO, Family and Children’s Association of Long Island
    Brendan Cox, former Albany Police Chief
    Angela H. Hawken, PhD, Professor of Public Policy, NYU Marron Institute of Urban Management
    Natasha Schüll, PhD, Associate Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication, NYU Steinhardt
    Tracie Gardner, Associate Director at the Legal Action Center
    Dr. Chinazo Cunningham, MS, Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    Counsel to the Governor Alphonso David
    Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker
    Budget Director Robert Mujica
    Chief Diversity Officer for New York State Lourdes Zapata
    Office of Mental Health Commissioner Dr. Ann Sullivan
    Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services Commissioner Arlene González-Sánchez
    Office of Children and Family Services Acting Commissioner Sheila Poole
    Department of Transportation Acting Commissioner Paul Karas
    New York State Police Superintendent George P. Beach II
    Acting Commissioner of Taxation and Finance Nonie Manion
    New York State Agriculture & Markets Commissioner Richard A. Ball
    Empire State Development Corporation Commissioner Howard Zemsky

    You know my name if you have been a part of this industry. I am Jerome W. Dewald.

    • Nathaniel Gurien on

      You’re absolutely right! I believe we need to organize a team of advocates to commit to maximum engagement, including campaigning & PR with this commission. Let’s get organized! I’m in.

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