New York Medical Marijuana Bill on the Horizon, but Gov. Not Yet Ready for Legal MMJ

, New York Medical Marijuana Bill on the Horizon, but Gov. Not Yet Ready for Legal MMJ

New York lawmakers will take up the issue of medical marijuana once again in the coming weeks, as a state senator plans to submit a proposal this spring to legalize MMJ.

But don’t expect to see dispensaries on the streets anytime soon: New York’s governor remains opposed to the idea at this time. Anyone hoping to start an MMJ-related business in New York, therefore, might have to wait until 2013 at the earliest.

Diane Savino, a Democratic senator representing Staten Island, intends to introduce a bill this spring that would legalize the possession and use of medical cannabis. Under the proposal, patients would be able to buy marijuana from dispensaries that have registered and received licenses from the state, and there would be strict limits on who would be allowed to grow their own cannabis at home.

Several previous attempts to legalize medical marijuana in New York failed, finding little backing from lawmakers. There’s a good chance the state could pass the bill this time around, however, as support for MMJ is now quite strong among voters. Recent polls show that anywhere from 50% to roughly 70% of New Yorkers back the idea of legalizing medical marijuana, mirroring public support nationwide for MMJ.

But New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo still isn’t convinced that legalization is the answer, telling reporters this week that he needs time to research and evaluate the matter before signing off on any legislation.

The governor hasn’t ruled out the possibility of backing a medical cannabis bill at some point, but he said there likely isn’t enough time for a thorough study of this issue in the current session.

Unless he has a change of heart in the next two months, MMJ legalization won’t become a reality in New York this year even if lawmakers give it the go-ahead.



2 comments on “New York Medical Marijuana Bill on the Horizon, but Gov. Not Yet Ready for Legal MMJ
  1. C. McCrary-Westchester Co, NY on

    As a patient with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (CRPS\RSD) I have spent the last 5 years on opiates\opiods to manage my pain, though with the current regiment of medication my pain is only partialy managed. I have had several surgeries from implanting a Spinal Cord Stimulator with revisions, to the ultimate removal of the device due to infections of which turned out to be MRSA. These conditions are very painful, to the point where they are not only dehablitating, but also indiscribable in words. I never in a million years would have thought I would have to rely upon a pharmacutical to manage pain before getting hurt on the job, I never even took so much as an asprin for headaches, now I am on a 24 hour regiment of opiates to manage my pain. These medications are not only expensive, but cause tremendious strain on the liver and on other organs of the body which ultimately will cause further issues down the line. It is beyond time to make something that nature produces that has been used for thousands of years not only in this country before and after the plight of the Native Americans, but also in Europe, and beyond. Canibis has so many potential values for not only medical values, but also commercial values, by producing paper, clothing, textiles, alternitive bio fuels, oils for mechanical, medical, and evniormental. Honorable Govenor Cumo, you were voted into office to see that the interests of your constituants were met, meet the needs of those who need additional supliments of medicimal use of canibis to help improve the quality of life for those who need it the most.

  2. Robert Smith on

    Medical Canibis bills have been introduced into the NY Assembly and Senate for at least the last three years. The Gov. states more research needs to be done before he would sign the current Bill. What has he been doing over the last three years? It is time to do the right thing now. To many people have been waiting to long for a safe medicine. It is time for NY law makers and you as our Govenor to do what the majority of NY are asking for. Do your job or look for another…

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