NH Businessman Formerly Against Cannabis Plans Dispensary

Money talks.

A New Hampshire business owner who was originally against the state’s approval of medical marijuana now plans to open a dispensary.

Paul Morrissette of Loudon said he changed his mind after seeing how legalization has affected other states. He’s working with a subsidiary of MariMed Advisors of Massachusetts to be ready when the Department of Health and Human Services begins requesting applications for licenses. Morrissette expects to spend $100,000 on the application, according to the Concord Monitor.

The proposed dispensary and cultivation center could generate about 50 jobs in Franklin, where Morrissette hopes to locate the business. He expects it to draw alternative health practices, food shop and other storefronts.

“This is an opportunity to find a business that can be an anchor, and bring other businesses to town,” Morrissette said.

But he faces an uphill battle to get the business up and running: Franklin Mayor Ken Merrifield said he opposes the project and New Hampshire’s MMJ law.

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One comment on “NH Businessman Formerly Against Cannabis Plans Dispensary
  1. D on

    If you were against legalize of MMJ much less RMJ you should not be allowed to have any dealing with it NOW! Also if you are insistent that MMJ is not helping sick people you should be placed on a list to ensure that should you and anyone in your family become ill from something that could benefit from cannabis that they be forbidden from receiving it as treatment. All you get is Big Pharma Pills! Oh and I hope you die a slow painful death. Since you had no problem essentially telling everyone else too. Wouldn’t want you to be a hypocrite or anything now would we?

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