Oregon Bill Prohibits Local Moratoriums

Oregon lawmakers want to ban medical marijuana bans.

On Tuesday, Oregon’s Senate approved a bill that prohibits local communities from enacting moratoriums on marijuana businesses. The measure, House Bill 1531, allows communities to impose regulations on the businesses, such as hours of operation, location and the manner in which medical marijuana is dispensed. But the communities cannot ban the businesses outright.

The bill must now clear the House.

The authors of the bill say that local bans would limit the availability of medicine to patients who rely on cannabis for their well-being.

But many municipalities disagree. Several Oregon communities have banned or attempted to ban marijuana businesses from setting up shop. The towns of Stayton, Medford, Tualatin, Jacksonville, Sherwood and Grants Pass, and Yamhill County have all passed local ordinances to ban marijuana businesses.

A group called the Association of Oregon Cities has said it will file a lawsuit for the right to ban marijuana businesses. The group’s legal council said that since marijuana is federally illegal, counties and cities should have the upper hand.

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4 comments on “Oregon Bill Prohibits Local Moratoriums
  1. Parker on

    Funny because they allow growing of medical Marijuana in their communities which is also illegal federally but they don’t want dispensaries which they can regulate anyhow! They’re a bunch of excuse making people that probably have at least one glass of wine every night because they say “it’s good for me.” We’ll get a clue you controlling losers first you live in Oregon and the people passed it!! Second it’s going to happen no matter what a room of hypocrites think!! Third grape juice has all the benefits of wine plus more and your not putting alcohol into your body! Google that one!!! Get a clue it’s coming wether you want it or not!!!

    • Dave on

      You are incorrect in your comparison of wine and grape juice anti oxidants and flavonoids. I doubt that you understand the chemistry of Cannibus either. Go back to school and stop getting your info from Wickipeda !

  2. Chuck Haff on

    I would like to see taxing it like wine or beer growing it the same way 1 person or a company I would not like big noncareing companies growing my weed
    The state making $ Money $ on it great concept also better than paying to lock pot heads up at a cost to tax payers

  3. Mike V on

    It’s funny to see towns like Medford trying to ban the dispensaries. Medford has had multiple large pot problems that have riddled the news in the last few years. But now they want to ban a controlled release of medicine to patients? Seems like fear is running the decisions in these towns, not facts.

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