Pennsylvania lawmakers pitch adult-use marijuana bill with state-run stores

Pennsylvania marijuana

A Pennsylvania state lawmaker introduced a recreational cannabis legalization bill that calls for retail stores to be operated by the state Liquor Control Board, a move that would limit private business opportunities.

The proposed law, introduced by Democratic Rep. David Delloso, comes just days after Gov. Tom Wolf said he supports legalizing recreational marijuana.

The governor’s office didn’t immediately respond to a query asking if this is what he had in mind.

The 19-page bill, which has 23 co-sponsors, is short on licensing specifics, but includes these provisions in addition to the state-controlled retail stores:

  • A 19% retail sales tax.
  • A 10% tax to be paid by cultivators.
  • A July 1, 2020 deadline for the state Liquor Control Board to establish regulations including cannabis licensing procedures.

About 65% of Pennsylvanians support rec MJ legalization, according to polls and a report released from Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s statewide cannabis listening tour.

But Republican lawmakers say they have no interest in taking up a bill legalizing recreational marijuana.

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4 comments on “Pennsylvania lawmakers pitch adult-use marijuana bill with state-run stores
  1. John on

    Yeah, typical Republicants.. Telling the People of PA what they can and can not do.. This is just disgusting! We need to get rid of the republicants, vote them out in 2020!

    The PEOPLE want it to be Legalized, these people work for US.. Time to take our rights back!

  2. chris on

    Republicans are so short sighted. Think of all the industries that would prosper. Horticulture. Food industry , retail, small business ect. Oh. It’s funny most kids with dank bud are those of Republicans. Using daddy and mommies money to bring in the kindest of kind. Its proven all time. Those private schools got the best bud. Republicans I would think would look at cannabis as the 2020 version of what they reaped tons of money in the 80’s. Cannabis would open doors in chemistry, pharmicuticsls. Healthcare, Restaurant, farming, it literally would impact almost every industry in a positive way. Oh and for the real ignorant Republicans who still shout it’s a gateway drug. Yep your right cause u criminalize it you send good people and kids right into the arms of drug dealers. The lions den. How unintelligent. A good person seeks cannabis and u send him to the guy who has opioids cocaine heroin ecstasy crack. Ect. Instead of allowing that person to purchase safely. I know every drug that is put in face of good people normally is introduced by the local drug dealer. But if those people never step foot near that dealers house then probably they wont be tempted by those crushing drugs. But republicans know best. LeTs keep sending our youth right in the hand of the worst. If ya go to store and they sell milk. You are getting milk if you go to store and they sell all kinds of
    stuff who knows what your dumb a$$ will buy. Get a grip. Let Pennsylvania voters vote on legalization if you dont then I say stand up pa boot those republicans out of office. They are out of touch with what Pennsylvania wants. They bully us they keep us down and tack silly cannabis criminal records on our kids and hard working residents. Life is your right. It’s time to choose a better PA a legalized PA a leader not a behind the times MY NJ Md did it so maybe we should too PA.

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