Podcast Episode: John Mueller and Greenlight: The biggest MSO you’ve never heard of

Greenlight Dispensary, led by CEO John Mueller, is one of the fastest-growing multistate operators in the United States, with operations in Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, South Dakota and West Virginia.

Mueller is executing an unusual strategy, buying licenses in “undiscovered” locations.

In this episode, learn:

  • The logic behind Mueller’s strategy.
  • Why he operates in off-the-radar locations.
  • How to adjust to changing conditions.
  • How Mueller secures licenses

Who is John Mueller?

John Mueller is CEO of Greenlight. He is a partner at Mid America Capital investment bank and previously served as CEO of Acres Cannabis and Acres Cultivation. John brings extensive experience with state regulations and compliance in all areas of cannabis cultivation and dispensing. He has two successful decades of working with federal and state regulatory agencies, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture as well as the Food and Drug Administration. John has served in all levels of executive management primarily in the cannabis, food, manufacturing, and construction industries.

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