Podcast Episode: Young entrepreneur launches, expands cannabis packaging company

Barbara Fox planned on becoming a doctor, but then the cannabis industry came calling.

In 2016, when Fox was 20 years old and still in college, majoring in biology and public health at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, her plan was to go to medical school.

But her father and brother needed help coming up with packaging for their Nevada medical marijuana cultivation business, so Fox chipped in, and the Cannabiz Supply Co was born.

Today, the company generates millions of dollars annually, and has a second office in Oklahoma. Fox will share how she got there, including: 

  • Identifying the opportunity 
  • Educating herself about packaging, accounting, and other skills necessary to succeed 
  • Expanding into new markets 
  • Creating new product lines 


Who is Barbara Fox?

Barbara Fox is the co-founder and operations director of CannaBiz Supply, a Nevada-based company that bills itself as a one-stop shop for cannabis packaging. Before launching CannaBiz Supply, Fox was in college majoring in biology and health policy and planned to attend medical school. But her father and brother asked her to help them come up with packaging solutions for their own Nevada cannabis cultivation business. Her packaging solutions solved some critical packaging issues for her father and brother, and soon after, other cannabis businesses started calling Fox for packaging solutions, and CannaBiz Supply was born. 


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