Premiere Date Set for ‘Weed Wars’ Reality TV Program Featuring Harborside Health

Several months ago, we wrote about an upcoming reality TV show called “Weed Wars” focusing on Oakland-based medical marijuana dispensary Harborside Health Center and its well-known founder, Steve DeAngelo.

Now, the network behind “Weed Wars” has set a premiere date for the show. The first episode in the four-part series is scheduled to air Dec. 1 at 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on the Discovery Channel and Discovery Fit & Health, according to a press release issued by Harborside Health.

The series will likely be controversial, given the subject matter and the fact that the program is running on a major cable network.

But it couldn’t have come at a better time: The show follows DeAngelo, his family and Harborside staff during the recent crackdown on medical marijuana in California, which has thrown the industry into turmoil and tarnished its reputation.

“I always knew doing the show was risky, and the federal crackdown makes it … riskier,” DeAngelo, who founded Harborside in 2005, said in the release. “I agreed to take the risk because I believe the American people will support us once they see how we handle the medicine and care for our patients.”

The show also followed DeAngelo and Harborside as they battle an IRS audit, which didn’t end too well for the dispensary.

The Discovery Channel has released a trailer for the show to generate buzz before its debut.

Harborside is the largest MMJ center in the United States, serving more than 94,000 patients and racking up $22 million in annual sales.

2 comments on “Premiere Date Set for ‘Weed Wars’ Reality TV Program Featuring Harborside Health
  1. dawn gibson on

    i feel that the use of marijuana is “used” in many forms,for what ever reasons,but the most important thing about the herb is that it has so many helpful medical purposes,and being “We The People” have freedom of religion,freedom of speech,and so on. shouldn’t we also have freedom of medical treatment? i mean the pharmaceutical industry produce medicine that is killing mainly or youth today. just a thought from an american woman

  2. Kevin Spence on

    Until the U.S.Congress gets OFF it’s ass and addresses this issue once and for all. We’ll continue to have to deal with crap like this. Until WE THE PEOPLE stand up and refuse to vote for a person running for Congress that opposes legalization… and I don’t care if that politician’s YOUR DADDY! Until WE vote against these people, we’ll continue to have to put up with crap like this. We can all sit here and bitch about all of this happening. But it’s up to US to make the change. I’m registered Republican and I voted against the Republican because HE opposed legalization. Now I’ve got a Democrat representing me. But she doesn’t support prohibition!

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