Pro-MMJ Lawmaker Tied to Maryland License Applicant

A state lawmaker in Maryland who has long pushed pro-medical marijuana policies never disclosed he has professional ties to a firm that has applied for a business license under the state’s MMJ program.

Del. Dan Morhaim, a Baltimore County Democrat emergency room doctor and 21-year lawmaker, was a “driving force” behind the 2014 law that legalized MMJ in Maryland, the Washington Post reported. And he’s also the clinical director for Doctor’s Orders, a private company that has applied for a MMJ dispensary license in Maryland, which may reveal its license winners next month.

The revelation raises questions about conflicts of interest among public officials when it comes to cannabis policy, given both that Morhaim stands to benefit financially if his company receives a permit and that he’s a “fixture at meetings of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission,” the Post reported.

Additionally, Morhaim never mentioned to the commission or the Maryland House of Delegates his association with Doctor’s Orders. Morhaim told the Post, however, he spoke with the General Assembly’s ethics adviser about the situation and was given the green light.

Morhaim recently “urged” the commission to give licensing preference to companies that applied to both grow and process MMJ, which could put Doctor’s Orders near the top of the licensing list.

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3 comments on “Pro-MMJ Lawmaker Tied to Maryland License Applicant
  1. Matt on

    It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that’s anyone’s for the taking, and lawmakers have the ability to get a leg up on the competition as they legalize it. It is surprising that this sort of corruption has been happening? This is almost assuredly not the only company, and it’s surely happened in other states.

    The view that the MMJ/RMJ industry is just going to be sunshine and happiness is getting old.

  2. Seth Tyrssen on

    And this is a big shock why, exactly? Officials with ties to the tobacco or liquor industry lobby for bills in favor of those products; people in the pocket of Big Oil or Big Pharma lobby for bills in favor of those products. As exposes go, this is a bunch of nuthin’.

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