Report: Medical Cannabis Being Used As Currency in Oregon

Some Oregonians are using medical marijuana as currency to buy and sell items on sites like, opening the door to barter transactions.

The development is adding a new wrinkle to the state’s cannabis market, with some growers reportedly using their crop in trades.

Justin Gottlieb, an activist with the High Desert Cannabis Community, told the Bend Bulletin that dispensaries tend to rely on a few cultivators for their product, while smaller growers and those without dispensary connections are often left with excess cannabis.

Barter is just another way to unload that excess product.

“(N)o one wants to see their crop or their hard work go to waste; if they can’t get it in the shops, they’d like to go to  someone who will appreciate it, just like any other business,” Gottlieb said.

A PlayStation 3, a 2006 Volvo, a doghouse and a Jet Ski are among the items that have been offered for sale in recent months for medical marijuana or money, according to the Bulletin.

The paper reported that advertisements include references to offering or accepting MMJ as payment, and that buyers have been asked by sellers if they are open to trading for medical cannabis.

The paper noted that it’s illegal for anybody other than licensed marijuana businesses to accept payment for cannabis, either in the form of cash or an item of value such as a car.


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  1. Dave true Blue on

    Free. What does that mean? 2″×4″ what size is that? Legal. Whats that ?
    None of those are true. Why is the usa. Hippacrits? Why is all there government. State countys actions. A set up? Trip wires. Lies. Plotting aginst the ppl. Smoke screen mirrors. Bottom line clean your pocketts. Keep you coming back. You think they will post this. Sad but true. No they wont. Lets see. Commonj member.


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