Sacramento Survey: Fed Crackdown in California ‘Overkill’

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Image of a woman taking a survey on a computer.

Plenty of people in Sacramento think the Obama administration’s crackdown on medical marijuana in California is too aggressive, according to the results of an informal poll.

The Sacramento Business Journal asked readers for their reactions to the federal government’s recent moves (raids, threats, warning letters, etc.) against the state’s medical marijuana industry.

Roughly 43 percent  of the 771 respondents think the administration’s efforts amount to overkill and say the government should focus solely on criminals. Just 27 percent of the respondents back the government’s efforts and believe medical marijuana should be illegal, while 11 percent said the crackdown signals that California needs better MMJ regulations. The survey found that 17 percent of respondents back the legalization of medical marijuana but think the government’s recent moves are reasonable, as they help weed out undesirable elements of the industry.

You can’t read much into these types of online polls, given their unscientific nature. But they can help you at least get a feel for the public mood, particularly when a news organization (as opposed to, say, a pro- or anti-marijuana group) is behind the survey.