Seattle to Close Dozens of Dispensaries

The days of many Seattle dispensaries are now numbered.

The Seattle City Council has approved an ordinance that aims to shutter local medical marijuana dispensaries that opened after Jan. 1, 2013, which will result in the closure of around half of the city’s estimated 99 dispensaries by next summer, according to the Seattle Times.

The move is good news for recreational marijuana businesses that argue the state’s unregulated MMJ dispensaries have an unfair advantage because they aren’t subject to the same regulatory, financial and tax requirements.

But many reputable dispensaries that have been operating in a legal gray area will be put out of business, assuming the city enforces the new law.

Officials in Seattle and other Washington cities are looking to bring their policies in line with recent state laws that attempt to fold the unregulated medical cannabis industry into the heavily regulated recreational cannabis program.

The state is giving dispensaries and collective gardens until next summer to obtain licenses under the recreational program or shut down. Seattle’s ordinance could help the city crack down if businesses remain operating without licenses.

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9 comments on “Seattle to Close Dozens of Dispensaries
  1. Jane Dunn on

    NO, they are forcing the people who have been following existing laws on MMJ for years to shut down when the new laws do not go into effect until net year!!! What is up with that??? I would say pressure to make sure they make more tax $s because the state thinks if their is no place to buy MMJ they people will be forced to by REC MJ.

  2. calicorock on

    Jane Dunn:
    Correct. Even those who voted to pass this new anti-medical marijuana Bill into State law (SB 5052), gave existing Washington dispensaries a full year to comply. Instead of proceeding as planned Seattle’s City Council just voted to immediately start raiding and closing down Seattle’s medical marijuana dispensaries. Why come out gun’s blazing against medical patients a year ahead of schedule?

  3. calicorock on

    Desert Woman.

    The State is forcing all of Washington’s sick medical marijuana patients into the over-regulated, highly taxed (47% for me). The black market worked better than this and that’s where most locals buy from now. Sure the States making taxes money hand over fist yet there are small medical heirloom grower’s are fleeing Washington in droves everyday to Oregon, California, Nevada, Hawaii We’re losing (or have already lost) generations of grow knowledge to other States that weren’t as greedy. lost with that insane tax rate and Red-State folks from Texas and Oklahoma cruise -ship tourist are returning. I wouldn’t buy a single rolling paper from one of theses stores. People ask, well don’t you want to support your States legal system. Yes were it any other State it would have been handled in a different manner medical was left alone as is the norm in non-legal medical marijuana States.. This law is so backward rec. store staff cannot even mention the word “medical” now under new State. They’ve also added new State felonies for medical patients that don’t comply with and buy marijuana from one of their lucky lottery winner’s. A perfect example of whom can be seen on the video link.

  4. Jane Dunn on

    The MJ laws in WA are a mess and almost impossible to follow if you have applied for a license to grow. The regulations are changed at warp speed that end up costing growers. Frankly the idea that they are even allowing outside grows is stupid. The indoor growers have to comply with much stricter security setups that outside growers. The whole thing is a mess. The idea the state is crushing the current MMJ collectives and putting people in jail when they are following the law in ONLY some parts of the state tells me this is about licensed retailers moving into already built locations where MMJ was sold in dispensaries which no one seemed to care where open and running for years which was in violation of the MMJ laws in the first place. This has become a complete travesty! There is a MMJ dispenser in Yakima County that has been running for some time near Selah with no attention from any government entity. However the same people tried to open a store in the city of Yakima and they were promptly shut down because of the ban in the city and YES there is also a ban in the county. These people are in violation of many current MMJ laws such as having a very large warehouse with 100s of plants. Why are they still open in the County… because they are NOT located where retailers can move in and take over the storefront. The MMJ these people sell is junk weed. They sell cheap because they don’t have to pay any taxes. Essentially Yakima County is allowing them to break laws and undercut other MMJ folks who are following the laws to the letter and providing a quality MMJ. Franky the hypocrites in Yakima County and they rest of the state need stop with the games. The old MMJ laws are still in effect until next year. Crack down on people who are NOT following them and leave the rest alone!!!

  5. Nick on

    Boycott 502 stores and remove licensing caps and allow competition. This is not legalization this is a legal cartel and a step backwards. Home growing should be allowed and these 502 stores product is low quality to average at best not worth the price and we shouldn’t settle for this scam.

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