The publishers of MJBizDaily, along with our Content Partner, Emerald Scientific, are excited to bring you our Spring Science Webinars.

Analytical testing is continuing to advance and push the cannabis industry forward. As regulations around testing continue to evolve, labs need to stay informed on new developments and updates in methodology to ensure accurate results and promote consumer confidence. The content presented in these webinars addressed different issues seen within analytical testing such as vape testing & analysis, testing methods for diverse samples, analytical methods for psilocybin and leveraging compliance to empower your lab. Each webinar was followed by a panel discussion between experts on the topic presented.

Monday, Tuesday March 23 | Verifying Vapes:  Looking forward to Vape Testing & Analysis in the Cannabis Industry

Monday, Tuesday March 30 | Diverse Sample Prep Across Unique & Novel Matrices

Monday, Tuesday April 6 | Don’t Be Neutral About Psilocybin Testing: Problems with Current Analytical Methods and New High-Throughput Method

Monday, Tuesday April 13 | Empowering your Laboratory with Integrity & Quality