‘The War on Weed’ Delves Into Underbelly of Medical Pot Laws, Enforcement

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Current TV will air a special report  at 9 p.m., Eastern time tonight focusing on the “bizarre range of marijuana laws and enforcement” in the United States as part of its ongoing Vanguard documentary series.

“The War on Weed” contrasts states that have MMJ laws (such as Colorado, California and Washington) with those that don’t, like New York, which leads the world in arrests for marijuana possession.

The beginning of the trailer features shots of 20-somethings toking up, with a voice-over saying “America smokes more marijuana than any other country…some use it for recreation…and in growing numbers, others use it for medicinal purposes.” Two notable industry professionals in Colorado – Tripp Keber of Dixie Elixirs & Edibles and Dan Rogers of Greenwerkz, a medical marijuana center with three locations in the state – appear in the trailer as well.

The program will air just days before another pot-focused show hits the TV lineup. On Thursday, The Discovery Channel will debut a new reality series dubbed “Weed Wars.” which follows Steve DeAngelo and his Oakland-based dispensary, Harborside Health Center. The show premieres at 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.