Toys R Us alleges New York marijuana store is infringing on trademark

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The owner of Toys R Us filed a complaint against a Brooklyn marijuana store alleging that the shop’s logo infringes on and dilutes the national retailer’s federally registered trademarks.

According to the complaint, the Zaza R Us logo has a similar typeface to Toys R Us and its backward “R” as well as a cannabis leaf in its center in place of the toy company’s star, Law360 reported.

In the complaint, Toys R Us owner Tru Kids alleges the marijuana store’s operators are intentionally using the national retailer’s brand reputation to attract customers.

According to Law360, Tru Kids is asking for:

  • Zaza R Us to be blocked from using its logo.
  • The marijuana store to be ordered to destroy any existing instances of the logo.
  • Payment of damages.

“Toys R Us dedicates immeasurable efforts and resources to ensure that the Toys R Us brand maintains a fun, safe and kid-friendly image,” the lawsuit notes.

Zaza is slang for high-quality marijuana, according to the complaint.

“Defendants’ juxtaposition of the Toys R Us Marks with defendants’ smoking and drug-related products tarnishes plaintiff’s carefully crafted brand.”

Zaza R Us is listed on Google as a tobacco shop.

Neither company could be reached for comment, according to Law360.

As of March 16, only four licensed stores have opened since New York legalized adult-use cannabis sales in March 2021.

As many as 1,400 unlicensed cannabis stores are operating in the state.