Update: Lawmakers Shoot Down Proposal to Halt Funding for Medical Marijuana Raids

, Update: Lawmakers Shoot Down Proposal to Halt Funding for Medical Marijuana Raids

A measure to eliminate federal funding for raids on legitimate medical marijuana businesses met a quick death late last night in the House of Representatives.

The development highlights the significant hurdles medical cannabis faces on the federal level, where opposition remains strong despite growing support nationwide.

The bill sputtered shortly after it was introduced, with 262 lawmakers voting against it and 163 backing the measure.  Congressional leaders debated the proposal for about 45 minutes, with Democratic Reps. Barney Frank (Massachusetts), Maurice Hinchey (New York), Jerold Nadler (New York) and Steve Cohen (Tennessee) and Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (California) speaking in favor of the initiative.

The proposal – called the Rohrabacher-Hinchey-Farr Amendment – would have blocked the government from funneling money into raids on medical cannabis businesses that are complying with state guidelines and regulations. The federal government has spearheaded dozens of such raids over the past year in several states, including California, Montana and Washington.

Despite the fact that the bill was sponsored by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, voting split along party lines. Nearly 75% of Democratic representatives supported the measure, while less than 10% of Republicans in the House voted for the bill.

The bright spot is that 163 lawmakers support the idea and were willing to do so publicly. This high-level backing underscores the fundamental shift occurring in the United States regarding medical marijuana, and all signs point to a continuation of this trend.

8 comments on “Update: Lawmakers Shoot Down Proposal to Halt Funding for Medical Marijuana Raids
  1. john larsen on

    As usual more and more a congressional body out of touch with its constituents. Tick-tock, folks…the elections are a coming.

  2. Kimberly Haslett on

    this is the exact reason lobbying should be banned. The Republicans would sell the gold from their mothers teeth for a vote or $$. Shame on the GOP for allowing the continued raids on legitimate businesses, and allowing the DEA to continue as legal thugs. How does this coincide with the GOPP’s stance on less government, or do they think only the sick and dying should have the feds in their business. I guess only big corporations have the right to the hands off stance so proudly touted by these morons.
    It is up to every voter to make sure these reps do not serve a second term. VOTE

  3. Dre Mueller on

    “As usual more and more a congressional body out of touch with its constituents.”

    – Perhaps they are not out of touch but putting more importance on money from prison industry lobbyists than the real issue of people suffering from drug addiction. It’s time to help Americans with addiction problems. Putting them in prison ruins their lives more than the marijuana itself. Then we have to deal with them when they get out. If anything let states decide and get addicts back on their feet and working.

  4. Paradoc on

    Now, Now,..let’s oput this in perspective-OUR government has PATENTED CANNABIS..US patent #6,630,507-Issued in 2003, is EMPIRIC PRROF of the Utility of Cannabis..Now, “they” act as if they have NO clue they even HOLD this patent..Because they do,,Cannabis can NEVER be LEGALIZED as long as OUR OWN GOVERNMENT HOLDS ITS PATENT-
    Cannabis MUST be COMPLETELY REMOVED FROM THE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES LIST-As it does NOT qualify as a Schedule I “drug”

  5. Miek Kaan on

    “It’s time to help Americans with addiction problems.”
    “If anything let states decide and get addicts back on their feet and working.”
    It seems as though you think people who smoke marijuana are not on their feet and working. The only reason they wouldn’t be is because of drug tests. Marijuana (as long as not smoked during work) doesn’t affect someones job at all (people who smoke marijuana may have shitty job performance but that’s just because they’re shitty workers not because marijuana made them that way). It’s not like people choose to stay home and get stoned instead of going to work.
    A friend of mine looks down on me for smoking but he hardly leaves his house. He lives with his parent’s and his job is selling wow accounts he makes. And he’s trying to get money for his blogging. He’s been doing nothing but talking about Diablo 3 for the past few months. If you asked me i’d say being arrested for playing video games is more logical than being arrested for smoking marijuana.

    People who began smoking marijuana and continue to do so despite it’s legal status has nothing to do with addiction. Marijuana is not physically addictive. I repeat marijuana is not physically addictive. If some people could understand that fact than maybe there would be many more people against wasting money on prohibition. Marijuana is psychologically addictive, like jacking off, taking warm showers, watching a late night tv marathon.

    The millions of people in voluntary recovery programs after getting arrested for possession are only their because the DA told them it’s “voluntary recovery” and the charge isn’t put on your record or jail time. And then the government uses that number of people in “Voluntary recovery programs” to show all of America that people are addicted to marijuana and choose to go to rehab.

    I smoked marijuana every day for at least 7 months last year (I was a senior in highschool. I graduated on time with the highest final test scores in my math and psychology classes. I’m not an anomaly. Most of the seniors in my highschool had higher overall grades than me and they were the ones dealing, along with their second job at subway or where ever). I was arrested for possession of under 1 gram (which is laughable, normally something like that is handled with a citation but the cop was strongly against marijuana so he put me in handcuffs and took me in). That was the last day I smoked marijuana until I left the country for vacation 4 months afterwards. Haven’t gone back yet and i’m still smoking, iv’e had multiple jobs teaching practical english for the past 6 months. The day I after I stopped smoking and the day after (2 days total), I was a little irritable ( and I want to emphasize *a little* i’m normally pretty laid back) but that was as much damage as my “addiction” caused. Marijuana is not physically addictive. I don’t know what you’re going on about.

    Anyone who thinks they’re *may* be a legitimate reason marijuana is illegal is delusional. Legalize and regulate in a way similar to alcohol and America would be a better place.

  6. Pamela Woodard on

    This vote is a prime example of our current system of government of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations! The GOP is proudly representing their beloved 1%…

  7. Bob Doyle on

    Any female alligned with the (R)s is self depriciating suicidal or just plain olde schole NUTZ. The entire group of women hating politicians are the same little weezils who wrote & re-wrote our LEGAL LAWS of the U.S. Constitution. These are Traitors, enemies of America striking us from within. Oathkeepers are uniting to stop this destruction of our Nation by those enemies from within, as all Veterans, LEOs,Have sworn to defend.

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