Bill Rolling Washington MMJ Into Recreational Program Advances

Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee will likely sign a bill passed by the Legislature that would roll the state’s unregulated medical marijuana market into its heavily regulated recreational cannabis program.

The bill would require dispensaries and MMJ cultivators to obtain licenses through a new agency called the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, which would replace the Liquor Control Board.

The new board would come up with a system to award the permits, giving preference to applicants who already had applied for a recreational marijuana license prior to July 1, 2014, with second priority going to those who worked for or owned a collective garden prior to Jan. 1, 2013.

Under the bill – dubbed the Cannabis Patient Protection Act, or more formally S5052 – growers would be required to test their products for mold and other impurities, and registered patients between the ages of 18 and 21 would be able to purchase cannabis for medical use. (Currently only adults 21 and over can buy any type of marijuana).

The bill’s sponsor told the Spokane Spokesman that it’s essential for the state to eliminate unregulated, unlicensed growers to give patients a “clean supply and an adequate supply.”

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2 comments on “Bill Rolling Washington MMJ Into Recreational Program Advances
  1. Earn my trust on

    Such propaganda and political ineptitude gives me very little hope.

    //The bill’s sponsor told the Spokane Spokesman that it’s essential for the state to eliminate unregulated, unlicensed growers to give patients a “clean supply and an adequate supply.”//

    The bill’s sponsor is likely incompetent in matters of economy and market concepts. Further, it implies that the current mmj industry offers neither clean nor adequate supply, both of which are complete fallacies, straw men set up to push forth a non-solution to an imaginary market failure. I cannot say or emphasize ‘Incompetent’ enough in this context.

    Clean Supply – This bill does nothing to ensure clean supply. Nowhere in the bill does it require the producers test for anything other than THC & CBD content. What nutrients were used, and were they flushed properly? What pesticides were used? Weed killer anyone?

    I’ve personally had a hand in ensuring that my collective produces ‘clean’ mmj for my consumption. This is more assurance than any i502 producer will ever give me.

    Further, not allowing growers to sell their own structures an artificial barrier between the retailer, and the factors of cultivation. Example, nearly every collective I’ve been in can elaborate on their factors of cultivation. No retail store I’ve been in can do that, because they simply were not involved in the cultivation process. Cleaner supply? Think not!

    Now you fat-cat i502 socialists want to ensure that no collectives operate within 15 miles of your nearest retailer, attempting to capture market share through regulation rather than through market competition. Shame be upon you! May you lose sleep nightly until the situation is rectified.

    Adequate supply – Again implying the market doesn’t have adequate supply is a straw man argument. In the 15+yrs of MMJ in Washington, the free market has never experienced a lack of supply. The only lack of adequate supply in the MMJ industry has come from DEA raiding/stealing supply.

    Politicians in this state need to stop using straw men arguments for excuses to push patients into the i502 system. They obviously have nefarious intent, or are simply inept at their jobs, or both.

  2. Earn my trust on

    //The bill’s sponsor told the Spokane Spokesman that it’s essential for the state to eliminate unregulated, unlicensed growers to give patients a “clean supply and an adequate supply.”//

    All the proof we need to determine the bill sponsor is inept. No distinction between market regulation and government regulation was made, indicating the sponsor of the bill does not so much as acknowledge the fact that market regulation exists, let alone that market regulation is superior to government regulation.

    Every market in the world, whether regulated by government or regulated by the consumer choice is regulated. The quality and safety of all products are regulated by consumer preference.

    If quality is bad, consumers say ‘NO’, the product won’t sell, and the producer must choose between producing better quality or going bust. Quality is improved by the consumers ability to say ‘NO’. Quality of product soon finds equilibrium with consumer preference, providing a range of quality to meet market demand. Think of the range of ‘quality’ of beer producers from Old Milwaukee to craft IPA’s.

    Conversely, if you let govt dictate quality of product through govt regulation, you’ll end up paying for a health insurance policy that covers kids dental by mandate, and you’ll pay for that even if you don’t have kids.

    Further, every government regulation placed on a market reduces the effectiveness of market regulation. Lets use an extreme example. If we have one producer, monopoly by state decree, there is no incentive to provide quality product because they have a captive market. (think public schooling) This drives consumer cost up as there is no incentive for efficiency, and drive quality of product/service down for the same reason…which is why it costs $13k/yr in public school, and about half that for superior private schooling.

    If you take anything from this post, let it be the fact that market regulation is superior to government regulation when it comes to ensuring quality and supply of product/service. On the flip side, the main effect of government regulation is to lessen the efficiency of market regulation, quality/access/ect. From this position you can see that govt regulation never benefits the consumer, it always benefits the select few who now feel ‘entitled’ to your money…that would be the i502’s who feel entitled to patient revenue.

    And sweet Jesus…they shouldn’t be using the argument that MMJ is federally illegal to support their attempt to wrap MMJ into Rec MJ, cause Rec MJ is just as federally illegal as MMJ. That just makes them look like the fools they are!

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