Which marijuana products are in demand on ‘Cannabis Christmas’?

The unofficial marijuana holiday of April 20 – known to cannabis enthusiasts as 4/20 – annually brings a big boost in sales for retailers across the industry – and pressure to live up to customer expectations, both for great deals and good times.

“It’s almost like Black Friday, where people are waiting at the door at the very beginning of the morning to take advantage of some of these sales,” said Rachael Brower, the purchasing manager at Cannabis City, the first recreational marijuana shop in Seattle.

“I always call it ‘Cannabis Christmas.'”

According to information from Seattle-based Headset, which provides retail point-of-sale data for the cannabis industry, marijuana products of all types in Washington state’s adult-use market received a sales bump on 4/20 in 2017, though some categories benefited more than others.

Headset also found that most discounts offered by Washington state retailers have declined since 2015, with the average retailer offering 38% off products in 2015 but only 16% off in 2017.

Infused beverages lead the pack in terms of increased sales percentages in Washington state, with 4/20 sales rising nearly three times higher than the average day in 2017.

Concentrates, pre-rolled joints and edibles experienced sales increases of over 150% on 4/20 last year.

Sales of flower and vape pens in Washington state also got a boost, though on a percentage basis, the gains were less dramatic.

“The chart (above) tells a general story,” said Maryam Mirnateghi, the owner of Canna West Seattle, another retailer in the Emerald City.

“4/20 is more about partying with cannabis and the types of products that play well to that context. That’s why you see an increase in beverages, concentrates and pre-roll sales.”

Brower said the percentage increase also doesn’t necessarily reflect which items are the top sellers on 4/20, which she said are typically still flower and pre-rolls, not beverages.

“That number is so much increased because beverages aren’t our top seller on any day,” she said.

“At the end of the day, everybody is most comfortable with flower.”

Regarding the declining price discounts on 4/20 from year to year, Mirnateghi chalked that up to market maturation and widespread product price decreases.

That translates to slimmer profit margins for retailers, so many can’t always afford to give huge discounts.

“Overall, the margins for retailers have dropped drastically, which is why the discounts are not as large,” Mirnateghi said. “But if you look at the general pricing, the prices now compared to the prices in 2015 have decreased substantially.

“Meaning, prices are lower year-round and there isn’t as much wiggle room to offer such steep discounts.”

That said, both Cannabis City and Canna West Seattle – along with almost every cannabis retailer in the country – will be offering deals to draw in customers on what is usually the biggest sales day of the year.

For example:

  • Cannabis City will be offering $1 joints, $25 eighths of flower and $20 grams of wax among its discounts.
  • Canna West will be offering 15%-50% off “some of our customer top picks,” Mirnateghi said, along with “tons of $5 products across the board.”

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3 comments on “Which marijuana products are in demand on ‘Cannabis Christmas’?
  1. splat on

    How amusing to see this piece on 420, a date specific acronym that is apparently abhorrent to those trying to whitewash the pot industry (or would that be greenwashing?) and acting as if smoking weed is not why people enjoy the herb superb, and acting as if they are medical doctors in lab coats. Like this magazine, the primary concern of those engaging in the fantasy is the money – and they’re willing to fake it until they make it to the bank.

    At what point will the pretenders quit lying to themselves? Sure, the medical applications are enormous….and we all owe a humungous debt of gratitude to Rick Simpson for exposing the curative nature and qualities of weed to the degree he has. But a great percentage of people who are truly making it in the business were outlaws only a decade ago. But, once the straight world decided the Gordon Gecko approach would work for marijuana after our duly elected politicians had abused their budgetary responsibilities to the point of bankrupting, anyone who didn’t get caught could market their skills and product at large. Meanwhile, jails are still full of people serving time for pot related endeavors they engaged in only a few years ago.

    People who have served time or are still in jail for pot crimes are the ones who have done all the heavy lifting. Perhaps a handful of those incarcerated had the curative conviction Rick Simpson did but most were on the Gordon Gecko path to riches. They took the risk of getting caught because people liked to get high. So when 420 rolls around and the marijuana industry suddenly jumps on board for marketing purposes, I implore you all to think about the fact that only using the term 420 for a day or two to increase revenues, then reverting to that holier-than-thou-won’t- say-pot,-weed,-stoned-or-420 is the epitome of hypocrisy and quite pathetic overall. COME BACK TO YOUR ROOTS MARIJUANA, EVERYONE HAS GOTTEN THE MEMO BY NOW; POT IS NOT EVIL NOR IS IT ANYMORE ADDICTING THAN SODA POP.

    Stop hiding the popular lexicon in that closet where all the money gets hidden. It’s an insult to those who have done the heavy lifting of growing, dealing and doing time for the past fifty years or so, as well as to those with a sense of irony. What are the most popular search terms/keywords used when people want to find some weed to buy and smoke? It’s sure not “The weed formerly known as pot, spliff, ganja,and grass that will make me feel uplifted and euphoric.” People search for pot, weed, nugs and 420. Stop whitewashing the green…

  2. pat keane on

    Indeed, people said that about Trump, too, bro.
    When business rewrites culture for money, skepticism not put forth is responsibility squandered.
    Thank you for engaging.

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