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NJ List of Qualifying Conditions May Expand

John Schroyer  | April 2, 2015

New Jersey’s extremely small patient pool may soon get a boost, which would be a welcome development for the three operating medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

On Wednesday, Health Commissioner Mary O’Dowd confirmed that she’s considering expanding the list of qualifying medical conditions for … [Continue]

Labor Relations Board Hears Complaint Against NJ Dispensary

John Schroyer  | March 18, 2015

This week, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) took up its second case of a complaint filed against a medical marijuana dispensary.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union, which has unionized MMJ workers in six states and Washington DC so far, lodged the complaint … [Continue]

From New Mexico to New Jersey: How to Survive in Highly Restrictive MMJ Markets

Fred Dreier  | July 21, 2014

By Marijuana Business Daily staff

The biggest challenge for medical marijuana dispensaries in many markets is keeping up with enormous demand and managing rapid growth.

But for entrepreneurs in states with highly restrictive rules – such as New Jersey, New Mexico and Washington DC – simply … [Continue]

Doctors Behind New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Woes?

Fred Dreier  | June 16, 2014

Some medical marijuana professionals in New Jersey believe the local MMJ industry is struggling because doctors have been reticent to sign up for the program.

Just 296 of the state’s 21,000 doctors have registered with the state to prescribe medical marijuana, Continue]

Question Marks Over Infused Products in New Jersey

Fred Dreier  | June 9, 2014

Medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey are still struggling to produce edibles and other cannabis-infused products due to the state’s small patient size and stiff regulations.

Bill Thomas, owner of the Compassionate Care Foundation in Egg Harbor, submitted plans in February to make cannabis capsules … [Continue]

New Jersey Dispensaries Grapple With Low Patient Counts

Fred Dreier  | May 12, 2014

New Jersey’s medical marijuana industry is struggling to gain traction, with dispensary owners saying the state’s process for registering patients is severely limiting the market.

Just six months after opening, Compassionate Care Foundation in south New Jersey Continue]