2 marijuana measures filed for 2016 ballot in California

A pair of proposed 2016 ballot measures tied to cannabis have been filed with the California Secretary of State’s office, with at least one more likely on the way.

One, the “Compassionate and Sensible Access Act”, seeks to protect and expand access to medical marijuana, in part by prohibiting local governments from interfering with the MMJ industry.

The other – dubbed the “California Craft Cannabis Initiative” – calls for the legalization and regulation of recreational cannabis. A third measure that also calls for marijuana legalization is in the works.

After the Secretary of State signs off on ballot measures, backers will have to gather at least 585,407 signatures of registered voters in California to qualify for the 2016 election.

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5 comments on “2 marijuana measures filed for 2016 ballot in California
  1. Gentle Jim on

    Here is the fundamental critical question, Does it protect the right to grow for personal use. that is the only way to keep the market place under control and open to all.
    God bless all who have struggled to free cannabis. Jim

  2. Hastings RH on

    The CCCA is doa. Nobody with half a brain would vote it except proheebs. The CSAA is the direction to take and has my vote. Tired of gov interference in Prop215 and SB420. The laws are clear and yet still disrespected by several gov agencies. Congress voted to defund federal interference in med pot states so we’re making progress at least here in Cali.. Boy what a bunch of cronies CO WA and OR are..

  3. Jahpharmer on

    Yes! Yes, and Yes! on ending local land use and nuisance ordinances that restrict or exclude cannabis access. Such ordinances are the public expression of the private dislike for cannabis forced on everyone.

  4. Jimmy Limo on

    I swear… this is turning into another PISSING CONTEST, like in 2014, and will doom ALL measures, unless all factions UNITE under one single initiative ! The California Cannabis and Hemp Initiative (CCHI 2016) is still on the way, but allows for 99 plants and 12 pounds… while the right thing to do, is TOO RADICAL for the average voter this time around. MPP (Marijuana Policy Project) says “Regulate just like alcohol”. Well… will we be able to consume cannabis anywhere booze is legal ? Until that happens, we won’t have “Equal protection under the law” !

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