Alaska cannabis cultivators say licensing process takes too long

Six new marijuana cultivators came online in Alaska in July, but growers are complaining about problems with licensing procedures.

“The process is taking a lot longer” than expected, Evan Schlosberg, cultivation director for Anchorage-based The Frost Frontier, told KTUU.

Schlosberg told the TV station it took months to finally receive approval to start growing.

He made his first marijuana sale to a retail store Tuesday, but he’s concerned he could be overwhelmed by taxes, fees and bills if he doesn’t start selling more product.

The first cultivation license in Alaska was granted over a year ago, but only about a dozen growing facilities are up and running in Anchorage.

Meanwhile, the Alaska Department of Revenues said it expects to collect roughly $571,000 in tax revenue for July, bringing to $2.3 million the state’s tax take since the state legalized recreational marijuana in 2015, KTUU reported.

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One comment on “Alaska cannabis cultivators say licensing process takes too long
  1. MaximusBraveheart on

    That was a HUGE mistake leaving it to the regulators and politicians. The law should have treated it like any other taxable transaction just at a different rate. Something reasonable like 10%. No tracking or testing required but have it up to the dealers to have the product tested and up to the consumer who what dealers they trust. The current system is so expensive and difficult that illegal sales and growing will continue. How does that help? Government should definitely NOT RUN the medical system either! Ever hear of Vet Hospitals? Not great. “Sad” as a matter of fact. CUT government and wars tremendously and use some of that to fund universal insurance that you can voluntarily choose but need to pay something for it. No free rides. Give aways have been spreading poverty since 1960s.

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