California cannabis vape cartridges required to include universal symbol

California marijuana, California cannabis vape cartridges required to include universal symbol

Changes to California’s marijuana packaging regulations will require all vaporizer cartridges to display the state’s version of the industry’s universal symbol, a move that will cause manufacturers to adjust practices and spend considerable money to comply.

The symbol is a triangle bordering a marijuana leaf and an exclamation point with CA underneath. CA is California’s postal abbreviation.

According to the California Department of Public Health:

  • Cannabis packing that was compliant under the state’s emergency rules but isn’t compliant under permanent regulations must be shipped to a licensed distributor by June 30.
  • Retailers must sell these noncompliant products by Dec. 31.

The health department suggests manufacturers either use stickers to display the symbol or repackage products with compliant materials.

California cannabis attorney Dana Cisneros, an industry insider who flagged this issue, wrote to the health department that “this seems very strange that vape cartridges themselves are included in the definition of a ‘cannabis concentrate’ and now suddenly CDPH is classifying the cartridge as a ‘product container’ at the same time without revision to the definitions.”

In its response to Cisneros, the state simply noted that vape cartridges must carry the state’s version of the universal symbol.

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9 comments on “California cannabis vape cartridges required to include universal symbol
  1. David on

    Confused: Is state saying the cartridge *packaging* must display the symbol, or are they saying the carts themselves must display it?

  2. George Bianchini on

    Dana is a top shelf cannabis attorney. Had a nice chat with her at several shows. I think the real issue here is that our industry is full of brilliant cannabis professionals. And not a single one is a BCC board member. I can’t think of any other business category that is controlled by a board that has no experience with the widget they make the rules for.To compensate for this, they turned a single plant into about 300 pages of rules and regulations.
    Yet we have no rules for sugar products that kill 180,000 people a year. Even peanuts kill almost 200 a year. Don’t even get me started on “legal drugs”.
    Rather than reduce and eliminate, the illicit market for marijuana.
    the BCC’s unreasonable rules and regulations are the best promoter of the black market. Then causing a doubling of cost to consumers for the single reason to make money. Who’s the drug dealer now?

    The BCC is inviolation of CA Bus & Prof Code § 26014

    26014. (a) The bureau shall convene an advisory committee to advise the bureau and licensing authorities on the development of standards and regulations pursuant to this division, including best practices and guidelines that protect public health and safety while ensuring a regulated environment for commercial marijuana activity that does not impose such unreasonably impracticable barriers so as to perpetuate, rather than reduce and eliminate, the illicit market for marijuana.

  3. Judith Carlton on

    So a vape cartridge can be labeled with this symbol just because it’s a container, so even if there is no actual canibus in the cartridge it must be labeled?

  4. Dennis C on

    Let’s say a friend gifts you a vape cartridge, and you are a complete novice to this incredibly new marijuana industry. You trust the product because your friend is knowledgeable, and loves you, so you are certain it is safe. But, you have no idea what’s in the cartridge. You can certainly this transaction should not occur, but save your breath, it did occur. The cartridge is unlabeled! Is it CBD, THC, or some combination? All food products require labeling. Alcohol, beer, cigarettes. Why does it seem so unrealistic to people to identify and verify the product they are selling.

  5. Steve Bastasini on

    Retailers must sell these noncompliant products by Dec. 31.

    Where is this must sell by date for retailers stipulated in the Law/Regulations?



  6. Diana Smith on

    Hello Bart,

    Thank you for sharing such a important information with it will be helpful for newbies in this industry like me.


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