Marijuana investor grants Harvard, MIT $9 million to study MMJ

A major cannabis industry investor has made what is thought to be one of the largest private donations to study marijuana’s health effects.

It’s a move that could prove beneficial for the cannabis industry at large by spurring research in the United States and perhaps increasing medical marijuana’s acceptance among physicians.

Charles R. Broderick, managing director of Uji Capital – a New York City family office that has invested in Tweed, Aphria and other marijuana businesses – donated $9 million that Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology will split, according to a Harvard Medical School news release.

Researchers hope to “unravel the biology of cannabinoids, illuminate their effects on the human brain, catalyze treatments and inform evidence-based clinical guidelines, societal policies and regulation of cannabis,” according to the release.

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3 comments on “Marijuana investor grants Harvard, MIT $9 million to study MMJ
  1. Don Hennig on

    The 1960’s and 1970’s were the introduction to cannabis for 10 to 30 million Americans. Of which millions are now retiring and are 50 year “Jubilee” cannabis users. Most of whom smoked dried leaf and flowers/bud as method of ingestion.

    This large and growing population group should be surveyed for their long term health outcomes. As retirees and seniors in now “cannabis legal” states, many potential ”Jubilee” users are more likely to participate.

    I predict pulmonary and cardiac damage outcomes will be counterintuitive. And that cannabis has been more of a “diverter” from ravages of tobacco and alcohol than a “bridge” to other drugs.

    The long term health outcomes of the subset of long term users who did not also consume tobacco and alcohol would be enlightening.


  2. Kellie Blanchard on

    I am a teacher at a high school here in Memphis TN. I would like to see if there is a grant program that we can apply for. The grant would be along the lines of teaching about taking the harmful part of marijuana out of the plant and being left with the medicinal purposes. The chemistry of this rising industry could aid us encourage young minds to receive higher education. We are a school in a lower income area. If Tennessee would allow us to receive a grant to help with our science department that also has a plant science this would be very advantages for all parties.

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