CO, WA, OR Attorneys General File Responses to Rec Lawsuit

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman filed a formal response with the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday regarding a lawsuit from the attorneys general of Nebraska and Oklahoma, who are asking the nation’s high court to nullify Colorado’s recreational marijuana law.

The Washington and Oregon state attorneys general also filed a joint “friend of the court” brief in support of Colorado’s position on the suit.

The plaintiffs allege that Colorado’s rec industry has resulted in a spike in illegal cannabis trafficking across state lines.

Coffman blasted the lawsuit as an “attempt to selectively manipulate Colorado’s marijuana laws,” and poked holes in the arguments presented. She noted that the suit only targets the state’s rec law, “although medical marijuana makes up over half of the state’s $700 million marijuana industry and, like recreational marijuana, is also vulnerable to out-of-state diversion.”

“(Nebraska and Oklahoma) seek to strike down the laws and regulations that are designed to channel demand away from this black market and into a licensed and closely monitored retail system,” Coffman wrote. “They suggest that the federal government will backfill the resulting regulatory vaccuum, even though the Presidential Administration has indicated that it lacks the resources and the inclination to fully enforce the federal marijuana ban.”

She also pointed out that if the court sided with Nebraska and Oklahoma, rec cannabis would still remain legal, but there would be no regulatory system in place to oversee the industry.

Discussing the joint amicus brief, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said in a statement, “If the Supreme Court takes the unfortunate step of agreeing to hear this case, it will threaten every state’s ability to make its own decisions about how best to regulate marijuana, whether for medical or recreational purposes.”

Separately, Coffman sympathized with the Nebraska’s and Oklahoma’s concerns regarding illegal drug trafficking activity, and issued a statement underscoring her office’s commitment to ending marijuana diversion.

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2 comments on “CO, WA, OR Attorneys General File Responses to Rec Lawsuit
  1. Lendwood O. Wesby on

    To The Editor,

    Your preference not to be bogged down with determining
    the merits of general opinion is understandable. And I
    would ordinarily rather defer to the government’s idea
    of how the question of Marijuana should be resolved. It seems however, that complications cannot be avoided. Perhaps my viewpoint on these matters is not in line with real time alternatives. So, assuming you
    would allow the question(s).

    If medicinal application is all but indisputable, then
    one aspect of jurisdiction should be settled. That being Federal and not state.

    Where production is an issue, it seems fair those issues be left to state governance. Except where it negatively impacts the public welfare. So that each individual state may opt not to allow cultivation but not transportation across state boundaries and subjection to tariff. The question of charges might be ultimately determined on the federal level. Allowable volume to cross state borders would be a matter to be determined between state and federal government.

    Status of use may be subject to guidelines which were
    stricter than medicinal use. But not extremely so. And those rules based on scheduling. But scheduling based in comparison to alcohal and tobacco laws assessments as applicable.

    All processes involving monetary exchanges would be subject to both state and federal taxation to a fair and reasonable extent. Obviously, those unwilling to comply with such terms. One would imagine to be of neferious intent! I do not imagine these viewpoints to cover all concerns. But they do seem to me to touch on the major questions thusfar adjudicated. I do look forward to being apprised of the failings of
    my personal opinion. To the extent you should choose to indulge me, I Thank You For Your Time and Attention.

    L.O. Wesby

  2. steve on

    OMG! when is the federal government, & all the other people that are against marijauna going to actually wake up, or actually get a proper education on marijauna??

    BOTTOM LINE: Way more than half the people in the US are for it, use it, & will continue to use it, legalized or not, period. Out of the other half, likely 25% or more do use it, but won’t admit it!

    FACTS: Marijuana is not bad for you. Alcohol & tobacco are 1000 times worse for you, & do cause many health problems as well as addiction, death, even people killing each other with motor vehicles while driving drunk. OK? People that use marijauna do not get impaired enough to not drive a car, or function normally. They do not get addicted to it, i.e., they can do without by choice or if they can’t find it, without any ill side affects or withdrawals. They cannot overdose on it, period. They can do nothing but ingest marijuana(their choice of how), all day long, into the night, even for several days, or weeks, if they want to, & they will not become ill, or overdose, or anything else, that is a fact, period. Anyone that says or thinks anything else about it is either ill informed or uneducated about it, period. It does not even matter if one uses different strains, super high thc content, etc. etc.,, one will only get “so high”, period. The additional use only maintains that level, period. It may affect some people differently, but only slightly. I have been around it, people that use it, etc., for over 40 yrs. now. I have personally tried to consume enough to cause any kind of problem, that could constitute needing medical attention or cause illness, side affects, everything. IT IS JUST NOT POSSIBLE! Anyone that thinks anything different, is wrong, or as mentioned, very uneducated about the facts.

    All it would take is one stroke of the pen, & our good president Obama, could abolish it from being illegal, yet he chooses not to do so because he is afraid of fallout from some of his well to do friends & peers.. just a joke. All of this stuff makes you wonder, what the heck is wrong with the idiots that are elected to serve us & take care of business for our country & our states!

    I have said since the 1970’s, that if our government would pull their heads out of you know what, legalize it, regulate it like any common crop, that our economy would be super boosted, & most likely there would be no government deficit again, ever! That is all it would take to make almost all of this very simple: LEGALIZE IT, REGULATE IT JUST LIKE ANY OTHER COMMON CROP OR HERB, & MOST IF NOT ALL THE PROBLEMS WITH THIS WILL GO AWAY. 30% OF THE CARTEL BUSINESS WILL GO AWAY, IF NOT MORE. MOST OF THE BLACK MARKET WILL GO AWAY.

    So my only question is: When are the idiots that have the control over this, going to get a proper education & get on with doing what needs to be done about it? Cheers everyone!

    By the way, everyone already knows about so many things that marijuana helps, from epilepsy, to anxiety, to nausea, to some cancers, to other things. But our lawmakers have been so stupid about it, they have no idea whatsoever, that it can also be used to help people stop smoking tobacco(way way bad for you), stop drinking too much alcohol, also way bad for you, as well as help people that are addicted to drugs like heroin, cocaine, meth, etc.,, to actually stop using those bad bad drugs, & just simply substitute marijuana for it.. Let alone if studied properly, they will probably find that it can help or cure many other ailments that it is not even tested on as of yet. They just have no idea!

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