Colorado cannabis sales top $10 billion since program launch

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The Colorado cannabis market hit a high-water mark – $10 billion in sales – since the state started selling licensed recreational marijuana in 2014.

According to recently released Colorado Department of Revenue sales figures, the state’s recreational and medical marijuana retailers brought in $187.6 million in January 2021, bringing the market total to $10.2 billion.

The reporting of sales numbers is typically delayed by about two months.

That January sales number is a notch better than December 2020, which came in at $186 million.

This comes after the state posted a record 2020 in which sales totaled $2.19 billion, a 25.35% increase over 2019.

Those numbers come at a time the legal U.S. marijuana industry is questioning whether sales are increasing in state-legal programs in spite of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic or because of it?

Several other states with legal cannabis programs also posted record sales figures in 2020, including Illinois and Oklahoma.