Detroit Dispensaries Being Raided?

The Detroit Police Department apparently doesn’t want to wait for area dispensaries to be licensed: it’s apparently been raiding a bunch of them anyway.

“More than a dozen” dispensaries have been raided by local cops within the last two weeks, according to the Compassion Chronicles, despite the fact that the city is planning on licensing local businesses beginning on March 1.

No names of raided dispensaries have been released, but multiple attorneys representing the businesses have cried foul, arguing that the cops should have waited for the licensing period the city set down.

However, Detroit Corporation Counsel Melvin Howell sent a warning letter to 211 known dispensaries on Feb. 2, stating that any dispensaries that continue operating without having explicit permission from the city do so “at your own risk.”

One of the attorneys cited by the Compassion Chronicles alleged that local cops were going above and beyond in attempting to intimidate dispensary owners, by “trashing the property of their targets,” including damaging shelving, display cases, walls and ceilings.

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One comment on “Detroit Dispensaries Being Raided?
  1. John Norml on

    They did the same thing in Mesa, AZ before the MMJ laws were passed. Even better, the cops kept the stolen merchandize, MMJ, $$$, vehicles and flat screen t.v.s and never charged the operators….fair justice?


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