Feds subpoena records from CA marijuana firm Weedmaps and others

Prosecutors for a U.S. attorney’s office in California issued a grand jury subpoena for records related to 30 marijuana companies, including the parent of Weedmaps.

Although the purpose of the investigation by the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of California is unclear, according to MarketWatch, a subpoena was issued to Ghost Management Group, which owns California-based Weedmaps.

The subpoena “covers documents related to cannabis businesses listed on Weedmaps and records related to its ordering service,” MarketWatch reported.

Federal agents also sought records related to a wide-range of information regarding Weedmaps, including:
  • Its staff.
  • Investors.
  • Accounting.
  • Communications.
  • Payments to government employees, elected officials and candidates for public offices.

A Weedmaps spokesperson told MarketWatch that it receives such government requests “from time to time” and complies with them all. The company did not elaborate further.

Weedmaps is a popular website among cannabis consumers looking to find marijuana retailers and also facilitates MJ deliveries.

The company has been under fire from California officials since 2018 for advertising illegal marijuana retailers.

Meanwhile, MarketWatch reported, prosecutors also requested records from Weedmaps regarding two other California cannabis companies, CannaCraft and Terra Tech.

CannaCraft produces a marijuana-infused drink in partnership with Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Terra Tech is a vertically integrated multistate marijuana operator.

The U.S. attorney’s office, Terra Tech and CannaCraft all declined comment to MarketWatch.

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One comment on “Feds subpoena records from CA marijuana firm Weedmaps and others
  1. Mickey Mouse on

    The underground continues to function just fine. Who would have guessed Cali would (mess up) the legalization? Gouged by taxes coupled with availability issues due to there being a grand total of THREE testing labs for the ENTIRE state, what could go wrong? I don’t recall any epidemics caused by untested cannabis, so I will continue to walk on the wild side until prices fall in line and availability is no longer an issue. Worst comes to worst, I’ll grow my own. It’s not that tough (they don’t call it weed for nothing) and I am retired living in the right climate. If and when the powers that be come out of the ether, I will play ball. Not a minute before. Has anyone else noticed the disparity between tax on alcohol and the taxeS on marijuana? Looks like the 420 crowd needs the list of names and bribe price list for our elected officials. The alcohol crowd has obviously made better use of it.

    “I can’t find any weed anywhere said nobody, EVER.”

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