Florida recreational marijuana legalization groups say they won’t make 2018 ballot

It looks as if Florida’s bid to legalize recreational cannabis will have to wait until at least 2020.

Two separate campaigns trying to gather the requisite 766,000 voter signatures to place initiatives on the November 2018 ballot told the Naples Daily News that they won’t make the threshold.

And that means there almost certainly won’t be a rec ballot measure for voters to weigh in on this year.

The deadline for the two campaigns to submit their petitions to the state is Feb. 1.

But, according to the newspaper, the two groups – Regulate Florida and Floridians for Freedom – collected only about 40,000 signatures and 30,000 signatures, respectively.

Public support would likely be behind legalization advocates, with recent polling showing that 64% of voters support full legalization.

But as the Daily News noted, it takes millions of dollars to run a successful statewide political campaign.

A Florida bid to legalize medical marijuana failed the first time it was on the ballot, in 2014.

A second campaign arguably was successful in 2016 only because millionaire benefactor and Orlando attorney John Morgan threw $9 million of his own money into the movement over the course of the two political cycles.

By contrast, no wealthy philanthropists are bankrolling the rec legalization bid. And the two campaigns raised less than $300,000 between them, the Daily News reported.

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8 comments on “Florida recreational marijuana legalization groups say they won’t make 2018 ballot
  1. Terry Davis on

    Florida’s politicians can’t or just don’t even want the 71% of the people that voted legalized medical marijuana to have access to smokeable cannabis and over regulate how and who can get full strength cannabis. Unless you’re going to die in a year or less and have certain diseases that the medicine could cure them if they had access to this medicine that could be most beneficial for us if we didn’t have all these hoops to jump through and wait till our elected politicians take there fine time some of us will have died by then. Get off your ass’s and let the people have the medicine that could save us now

  2. dan on

    in a republican state you have to go around them, first go after the 60 % vote needed to pass. then start a popular request that all people carrying fire arms are random tested for drugs. Most of all test police thru hair test for steroids and abuse of prescription drugs .

  3. Sunburnt on

    Not going to happen. Florida politicians have never cared what the citizens vote for. It doesn’t matter which party, they only care what their big money lobbyists want. Forget things like public health, education, safety, or transportation… They can’t even get I-4 repaved.

  4. Tom Glines on

    By legalizing recreational marijuana the tax dollars could be used to do upgrades on infrastructure issues, hurricane relief and repairs, education, and protecting the students by placing trained military or police in every school. If you look at all of the states that have legalized marijuana they all have had a decline in opioid overdoses also. This issue should be a no brainer for politicians and the public. Let’s follow Vermonts lead and have governor Scott sign it into law.

  5. glenn fava on

    I am a 62-year-old man living in Florida since 2009. Moved here from Jersey. I am a product of the 1970’s when pot was very easy to get and many of my friends smoked it. I never bought into that pot is a gateway drug. In the late 70’s I did try it a couple times and I really preferred scotch over pot. So now it’s the summer of 2018 My 33-year-old daughter live in Ca. My 30-year-old boy lives in Jersey. So my point being My Daughter and Son can legally smoke pot and I can’t! I find that to be simply ridiculous!

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