Health Canada, CRA to hold info session for micro-class cannabis businesses

Canada’s federal health department and tax collection authority are teaming up to offer an information session for micro-class cannabis entrepreneurs in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Health Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) are hosting the seminar in Vancouver on Jan. 10.

“This information session is targeted towards current and prospective applicants applying for a cultivation, processing or sale for medical purposes license under the Cannabis Act and Regulations and will include topics such as Organizational Security Plans, security clearances and other license application criteria,” according to a notice for the event.

B.C.’s prolific illicit market should make the province ground zero for prospective micro-class businesses – considered more accessible than standard licenses for entrepreneurs – although interest there has been tepid thus far.

The session will focus on understanding the federal cannabis licensing application process, especially as it relates to micro-class and nursery licenses.

The three-hour event will take place at the Vancouver Convention Center.

Interested parties are asked to reserve space in advance.