Kosher Medical Cannabis Certification in New York?

Dispensary owners in New York may have a niche customer base to tap when they open: Orthodox Jews.

The head of the Orthodox Union’s kosher certification agency said he wouldn’t have a problem certifying medical marijuana products and has had discussions with companies seeking a kosher seal of approval, according to the Jewish Daily.

Cannabis strains wouldn’t need the kosher designation, as plants in general aren’t required to be certified. But infused products would need certification for Orthodox patients to consume them.

Several cigarette and e-cigarette companies have been denied the kosher certification.

While medical marijuana is acceptable in the eyes of many Orthodox Jews, recreational cannabis isn’t. Some rabbis say rec is prohibited because it’s used for only a pleasurable experience, something to which Jews should not aspire.

While the Orthodox Union may certify MMJ as kosher, other Orthodox groups haven’t yet taken an official position on medical or recreational marijuana.

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