Maine gov verifies passage of adult-use MJ legalization

Maine Gov. Paul LePage has certified the results of the November measure in which voters passed recreational marijuana legalization by a margin of about 4,000 votes, or less than 1% of all ballots cast.

While announcing the certification on a local radio talk show Tuesday, LePage also said he wants the Maine Legislature to impose a moratorium on marijuana sales until more details are known about legalization, according to the Portland Press Herald.

LePage believes a moratorium would give lawmakers time to decide whether the state should continue its medical marijuana program once the adult-use program is up and running.

In addition, LePage said he wants lawmakers to first provide funding to establish a regulatory system for the new program.

“There’s nothing I can do until the legislature gives me money to set up the infrastructure,” LePage told WVOM radio.

However, David Boyer, who headed the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, noted the new law already gives state lawmakers up to nine months to develop recreational MJ regulations and that it was too soon for a moratorium.

“How do we know we need more time before we start?” Boyer told the Press Herald. “How about we get to work, and seven or eight months in, if we need more time, we cross that bridge when we come to it?”

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2 comments on “Maine gov verifies passage of adult-use MJ legalization
  1. Sherry Raymond on

    Why aren’t Government workers’ like the Governor, aware of the rules and laws in place before they speak. He was obviously against the vote, which is why he wants a moratorium. Someone should educate him. And what about hemp? Where is it, in the range of things? It should be unregulated and available.

  2. carl on

    that 2016 1% margin of voters passing recreational cannabis legislation does not reflect todays heavy majority of citizen/voters across the country in favor of, cannabis law reforms..

    if elected representatives are not representing the majority then its time for the people to recognise that and vote accordingly..

    prohibition creates blackmarket corruption, which influences individuals thru to process’.. bottom line millions or billions of dollars go to blackmarket criminals and those serving them, or into the society, in the form of taxation revenue, new real jobs,
    new industry from the grow to the storefront, plus general
    stimulus for the society and its economy..

    aside from politicians brand names, observe who and what
    and whose interests they actually served,, then vote..

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