Maine taking new applications for medical marijuana dispensaries

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Maine regulators began the application process to open new medical marijuana dispensaries, marking the first time in 11 years that the state is making available this type of business opportunity.

The state Office of Marijuana Policy action comes as a result of a law change in 2018 that allowed for more dispensaries than the original eight, according to a news release.

A cap on business licenses no longer exists.

“The actual number of medical marijuana dispensaries operating is currently five. Three of the eight dispensaries converted to the adult-use program in recent months,” David Heidrich, a spokesperson for the Office of Marijuana Policy, wrote in an email to MJBizDaily.

The applications consist of three parts:

  1. Business application.
  2. Local authorization.
  3. Inherently hazardous substances authorization.

The application fee is $5,000 for each dispensary.

This is one part of a two-part effort that also adds medical marijuana caregiver applications. Registered caregivers can convert their registration type to that of a dispensary.

If caregivers choose not to take that route, the state has added renewal caregiver applications to the state’s online licensing system for the first time.

Heidrich noted that, unlike registered caregivers, dispensaries are allowed to grow an unlimited amount of marijuana plants.