NJ Poll: Support for Out-of-State Cannabis Purchases

The governor of New Jersey might not want local MMJ patients to be able to buy marijuana in other states, but the public sure seems to be on board with the idea.

An online poll conducted by the New Jersey Star-Ledger found that readers overwhelmingly support a bill that would allow registered medical marijuana patients to purchase cannabis and related products – such as edibles – in other MMJ states and bring it back with them to consume at home.

The poll, which went live on the newspaper’s website Wednesday, showed that 84.3% of voters support out of state purchases, while just 13% oppose.

New Jersey has just three medical marijuana dispensaries, and currently none of them stock edibles or infused products. The bill would allow them to visit other states with medical marijuana laws to buy these products.

A Scotch Plaints family whose daughter suffers from drug-resistant epilepsy and can benefit from infused products helped develop the bill.

The poll was published two days after Gov. Chris Christie told reporters he would not sign the measure. Christie said the bill is just a step toward legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, and that it “will not happen on my watch, ever.”