New Poll Bolsters Rec Law Efforts

A recent poll spearheaded by NBC News and Marist shows continued support among Colorado residents for the recreational marijuana law that took effect earlier this year.

According to the poll, 55% of Colorado voters indicated they actively support or favor Amendment 64, which legalized the sale of marijuana to adults 21 and older for recreational use. That’s equal to the percentage of residents who voted for the law in 2012.

The result could boost efforts to pass similar laws in Alaska and Oregon, which will vote this November to allow recreational marijuana sales.

, New Poll Bolsters Rec Law Efforts

Opponents to loosening marijuana laws often claim that voters will regret their decision once the law is fully in effect. The NBC/Marist poll suggests that’s not true, at least in the first state to launch a recreational cannabis market.

Support for the law was consistent geographically around the state. However, results were split by political ideology and age, with older and more conservative voters less likely to support the law.

The poll’s results were within the margin of error of a similar survey conducted over the summer.

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5 comments on “New Poll Bolsters Rec Law Efforts
  1. rick chew on

    money, money, money, it all comes down to the amount of , stealable, TAXED money the criminal politicians can take, so as each states political criminals now see, marijuana will be pretty much legal nation wide within years…… and much like the lottery that was to fund schools, (NEVER DID, HAS OR WILL)it all comes down to how much money it generate for a state, SO IN CLOSING THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN AGAINST IT ALL ALONG, NOT SEE THE PROFITS THEY CAN SIPHON FROM,,,,,, ask yourself, WHO ARE THE REAL CRIMINALS ?

  2. W. Burchett on

    I agree it’s all about money sad thing there’s people like myself living in a state that doesn’t allow medical marijuana for chronic pain but it’s okay to go to pain management doctors and let them load you up on pain killers there in with the pharmaceutical companys and when those companys try to take control of medical marijuana growing and dispenserys then the politicians will all be for it so they can get there piece of the pie Politicians don’t care that there are many suffering from illnesses that medical marijuana could help they would rather throw you in jail for a small possession charge so they can take more money from people people need to wake up and support those that care about mom and pop dispenserys and small start up businesses and not allow big business to shove them out of business

  3. victoria smith on

    News from CO: prices for recreational ganja are falling. Several shops in Denver area advertise 1/8s for $25-$30. When rec sales started in January, an 1/8th sold for $65 or more. Even with the higher taxes paid on recreational (compared to medical), the price of recreational cannabis is less than the price of black market weed. Rest of the country – look to Colorado. Our model works.

  4. W. Burchett on

    I think many states should follow the Colorado model it works and brings in revenue once again keep big business out of the marijuana business and allow grassroot mom and pop growers and dispenserys to compete and grow with one another without allowing the Walmart effect to enter into the business and shove the start up businesses out by doing this big business like pharmaceutical companys will control the pricing and the quantity being produced thus making it a supply and demand scenerio when they want to raise the prices they just produce less thus artificialy driving up the prices have you looked at gas prices how they have increased once again the supply and demand theory I hope people wake up and see what big business and there money backed lobbyist groups are doing to the American dream of hard work and being rewarded for your efforts we can’t allow big business and politicians to control the medical marijuana business they will eventually raise the prices to much higher cost and put smaller start ups out of business the way Walmart and big block stores have done

  5. B Hillstead on

    One of the differences is that you can’t grow your own pain pills, or xanax. Big business can’t exert the same type of total control over the supply of marijuana as it can over the supply of pharmaceuticals.

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