Oregon State Police Harass Card-Carrying Patients Leaving a Medical Marijauna Clinic

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Late last week, an Oregon State trooper staked out 45th Parallel, a medical marijuana clinic near the Idaho border.  Apparently the trooper issued citations to people as they left the building, including a $1000 ticket for  “residue” on a used pipe.   Elvy Musikkam, famous in MMJ circles as one of only four US citizens currently to have a federally-authorized MMJ patient card (as well as a state card), was one of the patients caught in the round-up.

Why this extra-zealous police activity?  According to Russ Belville, outreach coordinator for NORML, the federal department of justice has been urging state police to go after state card-carrying patients.  However, the feds neglected to let the troopers know  there’s such as thing as a federal MMJ card.   Awkward!