Portland, Oregon, approves marijuana delivery services

Hoping to attract smaller, new businesses to the local cannabis market, the City Council in Portland, Oregon, has approved an ordinance that creates a new class of license for delivery-only marijuana businesses.

These new marijuana delivery services would be prohibited from selling marijuana from storefront locations. They also could accept and deliver orders only during certain hours and would be prohibited from delivering beyond city limits, KATU News reported.

Many small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs have not been able to break into Portland’s cannabis industry because of the expense of licenses, real estate and product, according to the TV station.

Under the new law, delivery services may be located near a marijuana retail outlet. Conventional dispensaries and retail shops are not permitted to sit within 1,000 feet of other storefronts, according to The Oregonian.

Oregon Liquor Control Commission rules allow existing dispensaries to deliver products to homes if they have a special permit to do so. Currently, eight Oregon dispensaries have permission to deliver and roughly 30 more have applied for permission to deliver, KATU said.