Testing Failures Lead to MMJ Shortages, Losses in Nevada

Strict testing standards have led to a shortage of medical cannabis in Nevada, with pounds of marijuana destroyed after testing too high for pesticides, mycotoxins and heavy metals.

That’s already forced at least one dispensary to delay its opening, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

“Several batches” of MMJ have failed to meet testing standards, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in financial losses for growers, the paper reported.

So far, only a handful of dispensaries are open in the state, but many more are expected to launch in the coming months.

If growers aren’t able to adjust their cultivation practices to meet both demand and testing requirements, it could lead to price hikes, long customer lines and further delays in dispensary openings.

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5 comments on “Testing Failures Lead to MMJ Shortages, Losses in Nevada
  1. Brandon on

    Interesting– there are plenty of complaint pesticides and overall growing methodologies that are available to these companies. Surprising with the amount of capital invested thus far they don’t have adequate plans to meet regulations in respect to testing. These are not new rules…..we shall see how the IL cultivators do.

    • Tess on

      The problem in Nevada lies with state regulations. They haven’t released the final, final, final list of required / accepted pesticides. Once a grower thinks they know what they have to do, the rules get changed…again.

  2. budmonster on

    These issues arrive from poor roll out schedules, i.e. giving the stores licenses 6 months in advance of any finished crops, the other issue is quality control, if you need pest control the grower does not have the quality food grad control of their grow, this requires 0 admittance of none grow personnel, grow personnel must take showers before entering grow area, wear clean suits, never street clothes, see this failed got to show it off practice everywhere, the needs for anti fungals come from pure greed, not enough room and air exchange for the number plants per sqft, again, the issue here and in other states is not pesticide, anti fungals, it is learning how to grow without them!! THERE SHOULD BE 0 CHEMICALS IN THE FLOWER ROOM EXCEPT PLANT FOOD! STOP THE BUGS AND FUNGUS’S IN THE VEG STAGE!

  3. Marko on

    Finally, someone who knows what they’re talking about. Budmonster hits the nail directly on the head. This is simple stuff folks. Re-read Budmonsters final thought’s, written in all caps. It’s a fairly easy concept to understand, “keep your room clean”, the rewards obtained from making this practice a high priority, will show immediate bottom line improvements, not to mention, make you feel really proud of yourself !!

  4. ghost on

    dear commercial grow warehouse,

    the bugs thrive just outside your door.
    How should you keep them from coming in?
    once they do how are you going to keep them at bay w/o pesticides?

    ask these questions at interview and get the correct answer you will have found your plant manager.

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