Trio of Michigan MMJ Dispensaries Raided

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Three medical cannabis dispensaries just northeast of Grand Rapids, Michigan, were raided and at least one was shuttered by local law enforcement this week.

Police maintain that all three were selling cannabis illegally, and the raids occurred only after they conducted sting operations at each business. No arrests were made during the raids, but criminal charges could be filed, the undersheriff said.

An undersheriff told a local police station that the undercover stings began after their department received multiple tips from residents who said the dispensaries were selling cannabis under the table, and the undercover work bore that out.

The raids are part of an ongoing see-saw legal situation in Michigan, with many local governments trying to regulate the industry and some even embracing MMJ businesses. Others, however, have gone out of their way to crack down on dispensaries, which has led to a patchwork situation across the state, with some businesses flourishing and others operating in the shadows.

But the bottom line for Michigan cannabis operations is dispensaries are still technically illegal under state law. That may change, however, if pro-industry legislation succeeds at the state Capitol.