Michigan Medical Cannabis Bills Advance

The Michigan House of Representatives has forwarded a trio of medical marijuana bills to the state Senate, including one that would legalize dispensaries.

Michigan medical cannabis businesses have long operated in legal limbo, with some lucky enough to have friendly local governments that welcome them, while others have been raided and shut down by law enforcement.

One of the bills the Michigan House approved would stabilize the climate by setting up a statewide regulatory system for dispensaries, according to MLive.com.

Under the proposal, dispensaries would pay a 3% tax on gross retail income, and customers would pay a 6% sales tax for purchases. Dispensaries would also have to obtain licenses and pay related fees to apply for and retain such permits.

The other two bills would establish a seed-to-sale tracking system and provide legal protections for registered patients.

Still, the bills face an “uncertain future” in the Senate, MLive.com reported, partially because a key Republican senator thinks the tax rates are too low.

The bills come in advance of an expected campaign to legalize adult-use cannabis in Michigan next year. Two groups are already working to that end: MI Legalize and the Michigan Cannabis Coalition.

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