UFCW unionizes workers at another California marijuana company

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The United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) claimed another victory in its quest to recruit more members within the marijuana industry when workers at Sweet Flower Cannabis, a small Southern California retail chain, voted to join the union.

Roughly 70 employees at the four-store chain voted to unionize and will now start negotiating contracts with management, according to a news release from UFCW Local 770 in Los Angeles.

Sweet Flower recently received a license for a retail shop in Culver City, and a labor peace agreement signed by the company will allow staff at the new location to also join the UFCW, according to the release.

The UFCW represents roughly 10,000 workers in the legal U.S. marijuana sector to date, according to the release.

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This year alone, the labor union has won a series of unionization votes in various companies and states, including California-based companies Stiizy, Catalyst and Perfect Union as well as marijuana businesses in Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters also has been making inroads in the marijuana industry with unionization victories at businesses in California and Illinois.