67 Warnings, Penalties for MJ Violations in Washington

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When it comes to recreational marijuana, enforcement of the law is no laughing matter for the Washington Liquor Control Board.

The agency, which is tasked with overseeing the new recreational cannabis industry, issued 67 penalties and warnings between May and October to marijuana companies that haven’t been completely following the rules, according to a report by a local TV station.

Of those 67 incidents, the vast majority – 52 – were verbal warnings.

Four fines were issued, and one business, Sea of Green Farms in Seattle, had its license suspended for five days in May for “growing in an unauthorized area.” Sea of Green appealed, and the original charge was changed to a written warning.

Green Chiefs in Granite Falls was fined $5,000 for violating a transportation rule, according to the TV report.

Most of the penalties were for simple paperwork mistakes or failing to pay taxes or submit reports to the LCB. Second-highest on the list was cannabis companies that fell short on security and surveillance requirements.