Arizona dispensaries continue selling marijuana extracts, despite court ruling

Arizona’s medical cannabis businesses will continue selling extracts until a recent court ruling that outlaws concentrates is upheld by the state Supreme Court.

That’s according to the Phoenix New Times, which reported that MMJ dispensaries in the state are essentially ignoring a finding by the Arizona Court of Appeals that extracts are illegal.

Whether any dispensaries will face punitive action by the Department of Health Services – which oversees the state MMJ industry – remains to be seen.

The department “indicated in a statement on Friday that officials are still trying to decide what to do,” New Times reported.

Meanwhile, at least some dispensaries are taking refuge in the fact the appeals court opinion didn’t order the Department of Health Services to update its industry rules to explicitly prohibit extracts sales.

But as of Sunday, “most dispensaries had done nothing” to change their sales practices, the alt-weekly reported.

An appeal of the ruling is expected soon.

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6 comments on “Arizona dispensaries continue selling marijuana extracts, despite court ruling
  1. Curt James on

    Keep ignoring the authorities; maybe they will go away and leave us alone.
    The government that governs least governs best!

  2. Mary Tucker on

    I finally found relief with the cbd oils and edibles, helping me get off half of my prescription drugs which had too many side effects and was causing liver damage and now they are screwing it up for myself and a lot of elderly people who need medication to relieve RA, Cancer drug side effects, Parkinsons, etc.
    Can Government just for once stay out of our health care.

  3. Rick on

    On the one hand I understand why they’re defying the court, it really is an absurd ruling, on the other it’s a risky move given who’s running the DOJ. It forces people who use concentrates for health reasons to go underground and I’m pretty sure that this is not what the citizens of Arizona wanted.

    • Robert Hempaz on

      It don’t matter what the voters or persons or patients want in Az. Remember, the AMMA of 2010 is the SECOND iteration of a voter drafted initiative that has passed. The 1st was shot down by the state legislature. Now, the Az Court of Appeals steps in eight years later to affirm the concept of felony Cannabis narcotics, as opposed to the concept of “Marijuana” then and once again the “dried flowers and brachts” of the Cannabis plants. The state legislature could rewrite the pre-AMMA of 2010 language of the ARS to accommodate. Don’t leave it up to the court to decide in a consevative, non-activist, constructionist state judiciary! Rob Kampia of the MPP, now retired, was the author of the petition passed. He ASSUMED the concepts of “marijuana” and “Cannabis narcotics” were one and the same. They are not per the ARS which only the state legislature has the power to change, or the citizenry by petition. The Arizona Court of Appeals just concurred and affirmed the conviction and sentence of the subject inmate.

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