Arkansas receives 300 applications for medical cannabis licenses

Arkansas received roughly 300 applications for medical marijuana business licenses, including about 200 on the final day the paperwork could be submitted.

The Department of Finance and Administration took in 200-plus applications Monday on top of the roughly 100 that had been submitted since the process began, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

The turnout likely was a relief for Arkansas’ MMJ regulators considering no applications had been received a week and a half after the licensing process began June 30. The first applications weren’t submitted until late August.

An MMJ program spokesman told the Democrat-Gazette that roughly 200 applicants were seeking one of the 32 licenses to operate a dispensary and the others were hoping to secure one of the five cultivation permits.

Applicants for grow licenses were required to pay a $15,000 fee, and potential dispensary owners paid $7,500. All unsuccessful applicants will be refunded half their application fees.

Arkansas’ Medical Marijuana Commission will review applications after the names of companies and individuals have been redacted.

The commission plans to award business licenses near the end of the year, and MMJ sales could begin around March.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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2 comments on “Arkansas receives 300 applications for medical cannabis licenses
  1. Smoke Signal on

    Please hurry and make this a quicker process. Others states have got it going sooner. At least award some to sell and get it from Colorado.

    • Felipe Rodriguez on

      Lol what. Just go to the doctor and get your freaking recommendation. Then buy your weed from the streets. The factories won’t be producing the level of quality that is available on Arkansas streets. And the prices will be higher for at least 5 years until the corporations are making millions in quarterly earnings.

      You cant cross state lines with pot. Why would you want Colorados 2nd hand crap, their top shelf is garbage compared to what’s already in Arkansas. Actually. Why aren’t you growing the stuff yourself? You can grow better quality from autoflower than the dispensary growers will produce. Grow while you can, the Monsanto weed ia coming.

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