As cannabis industry grows, opportunities in testing rise

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The U.S. cannabis industry has been experiencing rapid growth over the past decade due to changing public attitudes and legislative changes at both the state and federal level.

Given the skyrocketing demand for cannabis and its newly found legitimacy, we anticipate increased government scrutiny and a need for more testing.

All that means there’s going to be a good opportunity for investing in those who analyze the plant – not just those who grow and process the plant.

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One comment on “As cannabis industry grows, opportunities in testing rise
  1. Travis Parr on

    Same is true for the need to Test Consumers concerning Medical Cannabis (pharmacogenomic tests via a simple saliva cheek swab done at home)…..
    Reporting on which specifc cannabinoids & dose suggestions that can work best for you, and based on your individual genetic (DNA) responses, it is critical to also test each person for their prescription drugs!
    Why??? Because 50% of people will experience a MMJ to Drug Interaction when Cannabis + Rx medications are taken together! Drug interactions can cause “loss of efficacy” (effectiveness) of their Cannabinoids or their Rx or both, create unwanted side effects or even toxicity! >>>Explore Navigator Genomics™ Testing


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