Audit says Oregon marijuana regulators fail to meet basic standards

A new audit released by the Oregon Secretary of State examined the state’s regulation of the cannabis market and concluded that regulators are coming up short in a number of areas.

The audit is the first detailed look at cannabis regulation in Oregon since voters approved the legalization of adult-use marijuana in 2014, the Oregonian reported.

Some of the audit’s conclusions that will be of particular interest to marijuana companies in Oregon include:
  • The state cannabis program failed to keep up with mandatory inspections.
  • Regulators have not done enough to address diversion into the black market.
  • The program’s pesticide testing system was found to be inadequate, and the state does not have a way to verify the accuracy of test results.

According to The Oregonian, auditors concluded regulators have failed to meet basic standards, such as inspections. It found that just 3% of retailers had been inspected and only about a third of growers.

The audit also noted that while the state requires certain pesticide tests for recreational cannabis, testing isn’t required for most medical marijuana.

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3 comments on “Audit says Oregon marijuana regulators fail to meet basic standards
  1. Terry Wiley on

    The Same is true in Colorado. The Cannabis Industry operates above the law. Very Careless industry that has no interest in the safety of future generations. A few busts here and there and just pocket change of doing business.

    • Johnathan Turley on

      This is patently false. The MED and DOR are constantly auditing one of the strictest and most tightly regulated industry environments in the world. So much so that an entire industry focused on compliance has grown exponentially in a very short period of time.

      Your statement is either based on bias or ignorance. Either way it’s simply not true.

  2. Mark on

    Oregon marijuana cartel regulators are knocking it out of the park !
    Huge uncollected tax revenues from uncertain unenforced regulations..
    Oregon marijuana regulation was and is a Democrat money grab…

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