European cannabis market, Bedrocan CEO: European medical cannabis supply chain stable despite COVID-19 crisis

A worker checks in on a crop at Bedrocan's medical cannabis facility in the Netherlands. (Photo courtesy of Bedrocan)

So far, the European market for medical cannabis has been spared the supply-chain disruptions inflicted by the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s in stark contrast to the United States, where vape companies, packaging businesses and others have experienced shortages of cannabis-related hardware and supplies manufactured in China.

For insights into the European market, Marijuana Business Daily international reporter Alfredo Pascual spoke with Tjalling Erkelens, CEO of Bedrocan.

The Netherlands-based company is the sole commercial supplier of medical cannabis flower to the Dutch Office of Medical Cannabis. The agency supplies domestic pharmacies in the Netherlands and exports products to Germany, Italy and other countries.

Erkelens believes production in the Netherlands remains solid for the foreseeable future.

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