California county raids huge illegal marijuana grow

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Yet another California county raided an enormous cannabis grow, seizing a whopping 9,000 unlicensed plants.

This one – which took place in wine country’s famed Sonoma County – is part of an ongoing effort against the illicit market, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Sonoma County officials have shuttered 863 unlicensed MJ grows in the past two years, according to the Chronicle.

The property raided on Friday had a history of code violations, including unlicensed cargo containers, greenhouses and cannabis cultivation.

When inspectors previously visited in February 2018, they found no indication of marijuana growing.

But when county officials, including sheriff’s deputies, showed up Friday, they found 9,000 illegal cannabis plants and an unlicensed hash oil manufacturing laboratory, the Chronicle reported.

The bust is yet another indicator that California authorities have a long way to go before the legal MJ market fully replaces the demand for illicit cannabis.

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