California Medical Marijuana Grow Raided

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Local law enforcement officials in a town just south of San Francisco raided a medical cannabis grow site that supplies a nearby dispensary, seizing roughly 1,900 plants.

The cultivator in Aptos, California, had around 2,000 plants on hand when police executed the raid earlier this week.

By county law, cannabis grows are limited to 99 plants or less. So all except 99 were seized and are slated for destruction, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

No arrests were made, and no tickets were issued.

The grower supplies an MMJ dispensary called Granny Purps in the neighboring town of Soquel.

The CEO of the dispensary, J.D. Black, told the Sentinel that he leases the land where the grow is located, and said he does everything possible to be in compliance with local laws.

Black and other local dispensary owners reportedly met with law enforcement officials recently to ensure they were in compliance. Black told the Sentinel he doesn’t want to have to purchase medical cannabis from other small grows in order to supply his dispensary because then he’d have to up his prices.