Cannabis Jobs: Washington State Seeks Marijuana Consultants for Market Research, Regulations

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Looking to get involved in Washington’s emerging recreational marijuana industry?

One of the first opportunities has just emerged: The state is seeking cannabis consultants who can paint a picture of the potential market for legalized marijuana and provide guidance on everything from testing and packaging to inventory tracking and overall regulations.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board has officially posted an RFP for consultants on the section of its website covering Initiative 502, the voter-approved law that legalizes the sale and use of marijuana by adults. To see the entire RFP and submit a bid for the project, click here. (Note: In the “Filter by Government Organization” box, scroll down to “Liquor Control Board.” You’ll have to officially register on the site to read the document.)

Based on the criteria, this could be an ideal opportunity for an existing medical marijuana consulting firm that is familiar with all aspects of the cannabis business and MMJ regulatory models across the country. The state, however, also is looking for detailed projections on supply and demand – which could fall into the realm of an economist or university professor.

“One of the key things we want to do here in Washington is validate consumption numbers,” Brian Smith, a spokesman for the Washington State Liquor Control Board, told MMJ Business Daily this morning. “If you can understand what consumption is in Washington, you can build (a program) around that. We want to know how much growers need to produce to meet market demand. We don’t want to over-produce – clearly there’s a black market for marijuana – and we don’t want to under-produce.”

Smith said the state could hire more than one consultant to hit different areas of need.

“We’re trying to tap into the expertise out there that can help us with various tasks” as Washington sets up regulations covering the marijuana industry, Smith said. “There might be one vendor who can help us in this regard, or there might be more than one.”

Bids for the project are due by Feb. 15. Below is a summary of the timeline:

, Cannabis Jobs: Washington State Seeks Marijuana Consultants for Market Research, Regulations

11 comments on “Cannabis Jobs: Washington State Seeks Marijuana Consultants for Market Research, Regulations
  1. Dennis R. Stimson on

    The cannabis industry would benefit from not making the mistakes other’s have in the past. Being sensitive in language and to whom your seeking as customers can avoid many problems. There is a lot of misinformation and fear to overcome. We must use smart,fun and attractive ads along with solid facts. The repeal is coming, are we ready?

  2. Ida Petty on

    I feel sorry for whom ever has to crunch the numbers. Example, I may use an ounce a month, however my friend can go through 5 ounces a month or more. People who cook, instead of smoking cannabis, use more, and some people need more for their illnesses. Good luck to whom ever is granted employment.

  3. ben jones on

    Any Irie Family wish to form a light nucleus to build a hashbar/coffeeshop/art gallery/ performance space in Vancouver area? I am f/ Indiana originaly via NorCal for last 7yr & now reside in Portland Metro. Let blaze the new frontier in a brightness [email protected]

    • chrisw on

      Unfortunately no, Emir. To get the full RFP you have to register individually on their site (we provided a link in the text of the story).

  4. Stephanie Zon on

    How do you apply? Smoked my whole life and 60 years young now. Started at 13 early 60’s
    And not the dullest tool in the shed. I like to do edibles. I am old now and waited my whole like for this so bless all the people who made this possible good luck and may ya all have enough.

  5. Daniel Blair on

    I would like to find employment in the Marijuana field here in Washington State, I’m presently unemployed and looking for work, I enjoy helping people and I like pot, I have many skills both in production and office, I have a resume if interested, thanks, DB

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